Knorex Lumina Web Services

Knorex Lumina Web Services™ is a suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based text analytics services designed to transform your enterprise systems and applications to becoming more intelligent.

How Lumina Works ?


Knorex Lumina stack


  • Standards-based interface and loose coupling to ensure you achieve maximum interoperability while being free from lock-in
  • Leverage on Knorex Lumina's Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to easily tap on its powerful capabilities to create your own smart applications and solutions
  • By being platform and language agnostic, you get to decide your preferred development language, tools and platform to tap on Knorex Lumina
  • Fast and simple deployment helps you to simplify rollout
  • Rich features and sophistication to support your unique business needs and requirements

What Can Knorex Lumina Web Services™ Do For You ?

  • Enhances your contents with rich semantic tagging or metadata annotation e.g. content management system (CMS), website etc.
  • Improves your user's search experience with efficient search and semantic metadata
  • Improves your website or applications engagements using the insights obtained from rich analytics and tracking
  • Automatic generation/extraction of keywords/keyterms and tagging for your documents or website
  • Smart automated linking of your data to LinkedData to extend your applications
  • Automatic suggestion of keywords/tags with spell-checking capability
Engaging Your Audience
Anytime, Anywhere


Reach out and engage your audience in an engaging way


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Knorex Lumina Web Services™ is perfect for enabling your enterprise to make sense of your data and contents for smarter discovery.